Chivas Watson, 35

During his sentence, Chivas became an inmate lawyer, helping over 100 men gain their release. Since his release, he has dedicated his life to empowering others by founding an organization that runs programs ranging from food delivery to families in need to a maternal health initiative for Black mothers. However this year, he has personally applied for over 30 jobs and not gotten a call back once. He believes that his record is the reason.

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Atma Jodha Singh, 59

Before going to prison, Atma Johda worked as a successful locksmith. While incarcerated he dedicated himself to yoga and meditation. He currently volunteers in the prison system, teaching yoga and meditation and lives off disability, since he can’t find employers to hire him with his record. Recognizing how technology has evolved while he was in prison, he wishes hiring platforms and employers would do workshops to help people with criminal records better evolve with technology.

Missy Turner, 36

Before her incarceration, Missy had a hard time finding work due to a disability. Upon release, she went to rehab and then completed training to support others in sobriety. Missy is a college graduate, but most of the positions available to her so far have involved standing or physical labor. These are harder for her to do because of her disability. She is confident she can do well in a non-physical role if given the chance.