Missy Turner, 36

Before her incarceration, Missy had a hard time finding work due to a disability. Upon release, she went to rehab and then completed training to support others in sobriety. Missy is a college graduate, but most of the positions available to her so far have involved standing or physical labor. These are harder for her to do because of her disability. She is confident she can do well in a non-physical role if given the chance.

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Larry Miller, 72

Larry Miller is an Executive for Nike, and Chairman of the Jordan Brand. While in prison he was able to get his associates degree and after his release, a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He went on to build a successful career in accounting with major companies, leading to his career at Nike. He authored a NY Times best-selling book about his life.

David Zavala, 31

David was 17 and had recently been accepted to an all-boys college before first being incarcerated. He says he was in prison for three years longer than he should have been because his public defender missed a deadline on paperwork. Now a father of three, his goal is to get more hands-on experience through an HVAC training program so he can be confident he can do his job well.